Dating places in peshawar

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Dating places in peshawar

On the other hand, the Marco Polo restaurant is a nice choice for those looking to enjoy fine continental food, although local specialties are also listed on the menu.In addition to a range of courses, both restaurants offer daily specials prepared with the freshest ingredients the season has to offer.Restaurant Layalina, in the Shelton Hotel, produces delectable dishes inspired by traditional Peshawari food, with influences from other Asian countries.There is also a selection of Italy’s irresistible pizzas and pasta.

The hotel comprises two excellent restaurants that rise distinctly above the average quality of many of Peshawar’s dining spots.kebab, a top favorite among Peshawarites and available in beef or chicken meat.Its unique taste comes from typically Pakistani ingredients such as the pomegranate and dry coriander seeds added to the succulent meat.Pakistani cooking is a complex and elaborate range of dishes, spices and flavors with mixed influences from the Middle East, the Far East and neighbouring India.Explore all the exotic nuances of such a rich culinary culture at restaurant Shiraz, a veritable centerpiece in Peshawar’s dining scene.

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The Tai Pan restaurant serves some of the best Chinese food in town, in a charming setting inspired by traditional Chinese decor.